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Jul 08 - 23, 2017

25th Anniversary BSEC Motorcycle Rally - From the Black Sea to the Caucasus

The brainchild of this adventure is the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, a non-profit organization based in Istanbul, aiming at fostering interaction and harmony among its members, as well as to ensure peace, stability and prosperity, encouraging friendly and good-neighborly relations in the Black Sea region. Kazoom Moto Adventures is proud to be partners with BSEC to organize this motorcycle tour.

Adventure Details

Accomodation: We will be staying at 4 or 5 star hotels or best available in certain locations. Among the highlights is a winery/hotel in Georgia, a boutique hotel in Caucasus, a spa where fish nibble on your skin....
Motorcycles: Participants are expected to join the tour with their own motorcycles but BMW rentals will be available. Please send an email to [email protected] for more details about rental options.

Price will be announced soon after finalizing support from various sponsors.


The adventure will start in Istanbul and travel across Turkey to Georgia and back. In Turkey, we will be stopping at Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, Trabzon to visit the stunning Sumela Monastery, Ani near Kars, the ancient capital of the Armenian Kingdom, Beypazari, a quaint and historic little town near Ankara.