What motivates a motorcyclist? What makes him ride? Why does he prefer one kind of bike over another—or one kind of road? There are probably as many answers to those questions as there are motorcyclists to answer them. It is a very personal thing, this sport of cycling, and because no two people are exactly like, no two people ride alike or for the same reasons. To some, the ultimate ride may be along a two-lane blacktop road as dawn begins to overcome the chill of the early hours. Passing from shady pockets of cold into patches where the sun has already set the flavor of the day. Being with the bike, sensing the changes in the road. Others may yearn for a chance to leave the road for the solitude of a wooded trail. The best ride may be through a quiet forest at practically a walking speed, taking time to see things a little differently each time, becoming part of the surroundings. That rider may stop if a place—perhaps a stream or the crest of a hill—looks inviting. The quiet and the chance to be alone to collect his thoughts may be the very reason that he rides. To others, still, it could be a love of traveling—setting off on a trip by oneself, watching the country change faces as the miles roll by. The cyclist may ride three or four hundred miles a day before fatigue and the night force him to find a campsite or a bed. To some, companionship is an important consideration. Having someone to share the fun of riding might be half the fun.

Motorcycling and the New Enthusiast by R.H.Salinger


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