It is possible to feel more alone on a motorcycle than anywhere at rest. When you are sealed in your apartment, or even standing in a secret field halfway up a mountain, there is always the chance that someone could find you; someone could call, could spot you from a plane, could come walking up any moment. Knowing where I can hide if necessary is always on my mind, and where else but on a bike is there somewhere truly safe to be? On a bike, there are people all around, in a car in the next lane not five feet away, but they can't get you. You are spared by the burden of words. Your thoughts are pinned close to your head by the helmet, where they may exit only a fraction of an inch from your scalp but then stay to buzz around, thousands of little trapped sand flies.

"Riding on a motorcycle can make you feel joyous, powerful, peaceful, frightened, vulnerable, and back out to happy again, perhaps in the same ten miles. It is life compressed, its own answer to the question "Why?"

The Perfect Vehicle by Melissa Holbrook Pierson


Kemal Ertem

alt text -- Born in 1961 in Istanbul.

-- Graduated from the private Italian High School and then 9 September University Business Management

-- Worked at hotels for 6 years and then became a licensed guide. Actively guiding in Italian and in English.

-- Married with a 9 year old daughter.

-- Passionate about outdoors and motorcycles. Riding motorcycles since 1998, completed training programs at BMW's Hechlingen Park.